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Turn on your crypto mode

Mode is the all-in-one solution for all your Bitcoin needs, one that gives you the control and transparency you deserve. 

iOS app available. Via invitation only.

Buy & store crypto. Ultra simple.

Through Mode’s app, buying and storing Bitcoin has never been easier.

Open an account in less than 60 seconds
Buy Bitcoin via card & bank transfer
Store your Bitcoin safely & securely
Learn about Bitcoin & the crypto world

Unleash crypto's full potential

We are building a full-feature platform so you can realise crypto’s full potential, including:

Interest-earning accounts

Cash loans backed by crypto

Investment products

Virtual & physical payment cards

Join the growing community of visionaries

Who we are

We are a London-based Fintech firm building a next-gen ecosystem of products and services that combine the benefits of traditional and digital finance.

London Headquarters

London is the world’s financial hub boasting the most advanced regulation and highest degree of customer protection

Protected Assets

Our customers’ assets will be held with one of the world’s most secure crypto custodians, who provide insurance on the assets they hold for up to $100m

Unrivalled Expertise

We have an experienced management team with over 130 years of experience in the UK and European financial services sector


Mode is an iOS mobile app designed to make cryptocurrencies, and all their untapped financial benefits, accessible to everyone at the touch of a button. 

Mode allows you to instantly buy Bitcoin instantly via credit card and bank transfer and safely store it within the Mode app. New in-app products & features will be announced soon.

Sign up via www.modebanking.com to get early access.

Keeping your assets safe and secure is our core priority. Our customers’ assets will be held with a reputable custodian who provides insurance coverage on the assets they hold for up to $100m through Lloyds, the world’s leading insurance market founded over 400 years ago. 

To join Mode you must request an invitation via our website. As soon as the app is live in the App Store we will send your access code via email.

The minimum purchase is £50. The maximum is £5,000 per transaction.

We currently support Bitcoin (BTC). Other cryptocurrencies may be available soon, based on demand.

The Mode app will be completely free to download and use, and unlike many other apps, we will only charge you a very competitive fee of 0.99% at the time of buying and selling Bitcoin — nothing else. No variable fees, no hidden charges.

To buy Bitcoin via debit or credit card, we’ve partnered with one of the most secure payment processors who will ensure it is you who makes the payment, making credit card fraud almost impossible. If you choose to use this service, you will only be charged 5% per transaction or $10, whichever is higher.

To find out more about our fees click here.

We are constantly working to make our product better. Over the next few months, we will be collating feedback to learn as much as we can about what future products/features you’d like to see in the app.

Products already in the pipeline include an interest-generating account, a crypto-backed lending solution, and a payment card.

*Terms and conditions will apply.