Merchants that have embraced the future

Save on costly card processing fees

By utilising Open Banking technology, we’re able to reduce costly card processing fees, and instantly settle funds directly into your business bank account.


cheaper payment processing fees than with traditional channels

Drive loyalty & repeat purchasing behaviour

Encourage loyalty amongst a young and high value generation, by rewarding shoppers with Bitcoin - the most sought after asset of the decade.


of millennials have more faith in cryptocurrency than the stock market.

Eliminate fraud & card related chargebacks

We’re completely cardless, which means that customers can leave their wallets at home and use their smart phones to make secure transactions.


transaction limit for Mode users

Boost conversion rates amongst your shoppers

Our QR code based payments solution allows us to limit the steps involved in the checkout flow, which means your shoppers can enjoy quick and seamless payments.

9 secs

is the average
time it takes for a Mode user to pay