Alternative Payment Methods

Alernative Payment Methods

Written by Araminta Robertson. Previously, companies were the ones that decided which payment methods to accept. But in today’s world, consumers now want to have the freedom to choose how to pay. They want to use their British Airways credit card to get travel points, Buy Now Pay Later schemes to make payments more manageable […]

One Click Mobile Payments

One Click Frictionless Payments

Written by Araminta Robertson. Did you know that one click payments grew Amazon sales by 5%, translating into $2.4 billion sales annually? That’s a huge number and illustrates the impact of streamlining the checkout flow into just “one click.” In 2021, Amazon’s patent for the one click button has long since expired and now every […]

Is Open Banking Safe? Data Protection and Regulation for the UK

Is Open Banking Safe?

Written by Araminta Robertson. In 2021, 2.5 million UK businesses and individuals are already using Open Banking enabled products. Even today, merchants and consumers are still wrapping their head around Open Banking, with many consumers concerned about the potential security and privacy issues that are assumed when they see the words “open” and “bank” in […]

Secure Online Payments: How To Safely Take Payments Online

Secure online payments

Written by Araminta Robertson. In 2020, online sales grew by an astounding 46%, the largest increase since 2008. And there are no surprises as to why we have seen such significant online growth. National lockdowns caused by the pandemic meant that everyone had to take their shopping habits online and according to several industry leaders, […]