How to Lower Merchant & Card Processing Fees

Lowering payment processing fees

Written by Araminta Robertson. As a merchant, card processing fees can take a big chunk out of your revenue. Merchants often have limited choice when it comes to taking payments; it’s either accept expensive online card payments, or don’t make a sale. With more people shopping online than before, these fees quickly add up – […]

The Rise of Alternative Payments: A Remedy for Boosting Sales and Customer Retention?

Written by Pippa Horn. As lockdown restrictions are proposed to ease, retailers are starting to think about how to reignite consumer demand for non-essential purchases. UK retail sales suffered the biggest decline in 25 years last year as the closure of non-essential shops during lockdown outweighed the online spending boom fuelled by the covid pandemic.In […]

Open Banking: The Lifeline That Retail Needs

Written by Pippa Horn. Customer retention increasingly relies on data analysis, personalisation and third-party integration, which means that data privacy and protection have become more relevant than ever. Open Banking is an attempt to encourage innovation through collaboration all while allowing customers control over their data in a secure way. Although the Open Banking initiative […]

How to Drive Customer Loyalty in the Digital Age

Why Customer Loyalty is More Important Than Ever

Written by Pippa Horn. As a modern consumer, switching brands and picking from a wide array of products has never been easier. As a retailer, it’s becoming increasingly harder to stand out and retain customers, making customer loyalty both harder and yet more important than ever.  How can retailers increase customer loyalty through digital? As […]

4 Key Challenges Retail Needs To Solve In 2021

4 key retail challenges

Written by Pippa Horn. It’s no surprise that last year was the worst on record for British retail, with sales falling for the first time in 24 years as a dire performance on the high street dragged down the industry. Shifting consumer habits, combined with the global pandemic have created the perfect storm for the retail sector, […]

Welcome to Mode Business

Redefining payments and loyalty mode for business

Written by Pippa Horn. Let us re-introduce ourselves…  Some of you may know us as JGOO – the payments provider that connects Western businesses to Chinese consumers. Whilst we still offer our payments and marketing services, we’ve come a long way since our JGOO days, and to reflect our newfound vision and expanded services, which […]