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Written by Pippa Horn.

Let us re-introduce ourselves… 

Some of you may know us as JGOO – the payments provider that connects Western businesses to Chinese consumers. Whilst we still offer our payments and marketing services, we’ve come a long way since our JGOO days, and to reflect our newfound vision and expanded services, which we officially announced last month, we now call ourselves Mode Business! 

We’re a division within the Mode Group, which offers payments, marketing and loyalty services to merchants in the UK to help them attract, engage and retain high-value customers globally. In a recent survey we conducted aimed at c-suite and senior marketing executives, 55% of respondents expressed concerns relating to constraints in understanding customers through data, and subsequently choosing the right rewards to engage with their users. Accordingly, we know just how hard it is for businesses to provide customers in the UK with a convenient, consistent experience that makes them feel valued, so we’ve made it our goal to re-invent the loyalty and payments space once and for all. 

In short, the global banking, investment, and payment industry are characterised by fragmentation, legacy infrastructure and technology stacks. Unlike Asian merchants, European businesses are stuck using opaque payment methods, such as cards and in some instances still cash, which signifies the end of the customer-business relationship, rather than adding value beyond the purchase point and driving loyalty through their payment channels. 

On top of this, card payment schemes have normalised high processing fees so that businesses are forced to raise prices on their products to maintain margins. Accepting card payments costs merchants billions every year and fees increased by over 50% in 2018 alone! 

We know firsthand just how hard it is for businesses to succeed in this fragmented space, so we’ve been working on a solution that resolves these issues, and allows businesses to make never-before-seen connections with consumers. 

By utilising the power of Open Banking – a system that provides third parties like ourselves access to financial data, our vision is to offer businesses a cheaper and safer alternative to card payments once and for all, not only saving them millions in transaction fees every year but also allowing them to really understand their customers. As for loyalty, it was the success of super apps in Asia that inspired us – our goal is to build a next-generation ecosystem that builds on banking, financial and payment-related insights to provide customers with an unparalleled experience, truly transforming the consumer-business relationship forever.

What are we building and how will it work?

At Mode, we are working hard on building a first-of-its-kind Open Banking powered payments and loyalty platform for businesses to accept payments from Mode users and engage with them by offering them a unique and personalised shopping experience. Here’s how it will work:

  • Cheaper: Our aim is to eliminate costly card processing fees by cutting out the intermediaries, and facilitate payments directly into business bank accounts. 
  • Safer: Businesses will be able to kiss goodbye to risky payments. All Mode users will be fully authenticated, so they can accept payments directly from trusted consumers. 
  • Smarter: Our loyalty function will enable businesses to add value beyond the transaction, so they can offer tailored rewards to consumers straight into their preferred banking app. 
  • More awesome: Besides traditional money, users will also hold cryptocurrencies in the Mode app, which they are ready to unlock and use in the real world.


Our solution – which we aim to launch in Q4 of this year – is part of Mode’s ultimate vision to accelerate the world’s transition to a truly digital financial system that combines the best of banking, payments, investment, loyalty and digital assets.

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