A Payments And Loyalty Platform Designed For Growth

At Mode we have a vision - to launch a novel payments and loyalty solution designed so businesses can engage with customers in new and innovative ways by accessing deep behavioural insights.

Payments And Loyalty Are Broken

The payments and loyalty landscape is characterised by fragmentation and legacy infrastructure, which we believe results in pain points for both consumers and businesses.

At Mode, our vision is to resolve these issues by building a next-generation financial ecosystem that leverages our deep understanding of customer behaviour through rich financial and purchase data, allowing buyers and sellers to connect in new and advanced ways. Interested? Sign up to our waiting list today and be the first to know when we're ready to launch.

With our novel integrated solution, businesses could:

Save Millions in Transactions Fees Every Year

We skip the middle-men, which means there are less parties taking a cut of the transaction. Start accepting payments directly into your business bank account!

cheaper payment processing fees than with traditional channels

Accept Secure Payments From Trusted Customers

Say goodbye to risky payments and costly chargebacks! Our state of the art fraud prevention technologies means that we're able to offer a much higher transaction limit.

transaction limit for Mode users

Boost Customer Loyalty with Bitcoin Cashback

Unlock a young and high value userbase and become one of the first UK brands to offer cashback rewards on everyday purchases, paid in Bitcoin.

of millennials have more faith in cryptocurrency than the stock market.

Say Goodbye to Cart Abandonment

We use QR codes to limit the steps involved in the checkout process and allow shoppers to seamlessly check out in just a few clicks.

of online shopping orders were abandoned in 2020

Our Mission is to Bring the Concept of the Super App to Europe

At Mode our goal is to merge separate and opaque worlds into one, allowing users to reap the benefits of payments and loyalty in one single super-app, and enabling businesses to tap into the benefits of pooling data across a user's entire financial and purchasing lifecycle.

In the future, we are expecting Mode users to be able to:
Mode app personalised homepage showing transactions, bitcoin investments, GBP
Manage a vast collection of financial assets, including cryptocurrencies, in a smarter way, unlocking sleeping yields.
Mode app pay securely with facial recognition to confirm and make a payment with digital assets online and in storeMode app pay securely with facial recognition to confirm and make a payment with digital assets online and instore
Pay securely using a range of authentication methods with any digital asset balance in their account, both online and instore.
Receive exclusive and personalised offers from businesses without the need for loyalty cards.

Are You Ready To Join The Future Of Payments?

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