Why you should be aware of safe account scammers

It’s a story as old as time.  Somebody from your bank calls, they tell you that there is something wrong with your account and that they’re contacting you to help keep your money safe.  The problem? In this day and age, scammers and fraudsters are sophisticated, organised and flat out clever. They work around the […]

About Mode Operations – A peek behind the curtain

Written by Richard Morecroft, COO at Mode.   In the closing chapters of The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy is in awe of the Great Oz, his bellowing voice and apparent wisdom. She marvels at his technology and power, believing the wizard’s “magic” to be controlling everything but as we know, her dog Toto soon finds […]

We’re live on Android

It’s finally here! From today, the much-anticipated Android app is live and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.   Our new Android app, which offers the same core features as its existing highly-popular iOS version, enables customers to easily sign up, make free and instant GBP bank transfers and Open Banking top ups […]

A look back at 2020 and what we achieved

2020 was a very unexpected, and in many ways challenging year for most of us. At Mode, we went from working in a London-based office from Monday to Friday to working from our kitchens, lounges – and in some cases, bedrooms. Like many others, our newfound reliance on Zoom meant that we became self proclaimed […]

Introducing multi-factor authentication for Bitcoin withdrawals

The security of our users’ assets is our team’s number one priority. We’re always looking at ways to roll out further security features that will give our users the peace of mind they deserve. Today, we’re introducing multi-factor authentication for Bitcoin withdrawals, which will provide an extra layer of authentication to the already existing SCA […]

Meet our Head of Partnerships and Business Development – Joe Rizzo

Meet Joe Rizzo, who looks after partnerships and business development at Mode. Read about how he got into building relationships with clients and helping us grow. How did you get started in this line of work? I’ve always been passionate about helping people to improve. I’ve been fortunate enough to have some fantastic mentors along […]

An open letter from Mode

On Wednesday last week, we announced that we allocated a significant portion of our cash reserves to purchase Bitcoin and adopt it as a treasury reserve asset. We wanted to take this opportunity to dive deeper into why we took this decision, and address some of the questions our customers and investors have asked us. […]

Meet our Product Manager – Rebecca Wald

A woman in tech, that’s rare and super cool! How did you get into it? I was always very curious to learn how things work and that extended to software and digital products, so that is why I took the step to start studying Information Systems. It was not easy, we were only 4 girls […]