Mode introduces next-gen bank transfers powered by ‘Open Banking’ technology

Open Banking Top-up

Mode launches ‘Open Banking’ capabilities, allowing its users to connect their external bank accounts and add funds in just a few taps. Mode, the new breed financial app, has extended its partnership with payments provider Modulr to launch its first feature powered by ‘Open Banking’, as part of a long term commitment to deliver a […]

Boomers, Gen-X doubled their investments in BTC every month since lockdown

Since its inception, interest in Bitcoin has been much stronger in younger age groups than in older ones. However, a recent study conducted by Mode reveals that Bitcoin (BTC) investments have been doubling every month since February among Boomers and Gen-X, signalling wider crypto adoption. Mode saw an initial uptick in BTC investments in March […]

Mode: In conversation with Bitcompare

Last week, we were interviewed by crypto comparison platform, Bitcompare. We had a great time sharing some insights about Mode, the team, and how we are building a new-breed of digital finance app. Read the full interview below (originally published on Bitcompare).   What is Mode? Mode is a new breed of digital finance app that, at […]

Mode launches euro accounts

We have launched Euro accounts! Today, we are proud to officially launch Euro accounts with SEPA access to provide our UK and European customers with a secure and simple way to add, hold and use EUR to buy BTC.  Powered by our FCA-regulated banking partner, Modulr, who already provide the infrastructure for our users’ existing […]

Mode launches new banking capabilities, powered by Modulr

Launch of unique individual sort codes and account numbers for all Mode users In the upcoming weeks, Mode will roll out EUR accounts, instant and free peer-to-peer payments, unlimited third-party payments, and the ability to connect all bank accounts to Mode and top up seamlessly.   Today, we are happy to announce that we are […]

Mode to donate Bitcoin Jar revenue to the NHS to help fight coronavirus

As Coronavirus continues to spread and affect every aspect of life, we must keep doing everything we can to help combat this crisis. At Mode, to show our support, we decided to donate to the UK’s National Healthcare System (NHS) the equivalent of ten times what we give to our users in interest for the […]

Mode sees trading volumes skyrocket during UK lockdown

We’re happy to share that in the last week of March we saw the volume of Bitcoin traded through our app increase by almost 1,000% compared to our average weekly trading volumes up until March. Ninety per cent of these trades were purchases. Our surge in trading activity was immediate after two main events that took […]

Our new ‘Bitcoin Jar’ lets you earn interest on your Bitcoin holdings

Today, we are proud to announce that we are rolling out a brand new interest-generating product for Bitcoin, alongside a new app redesign for 2020, making Mode one of the most attractive mobile banking apps to buy, store, and grow Bitcoin in the UK.   Through our new feature called ‘Bitcoin Jar’, holders of Bitcoin […]

Mode selects Onfido to deliver highest degree of compliance and user experience

Today, we announce our partnership with Onfido, the global identity verification provider, to seamlessly verify and connect UK and European citizens to a thriving Bitcoin market. Through this partnership, we expand our network of industry-leading financial technology partners, each sharing our core values of security, compliance, and technological innovation. By using Onfido’s AI-enabled verification technology, […]

Bitcoin is like investing in gold… but better

People love to make comparisons between Bitcoin and gold, and the term ‘Digital Gold’ to refer to Bitcoin is being used more and more. While there are quite a few similarities, we want to address some of these comparisons and do some clarifying.   Gold and Bitcoin are pretty similar Gold’s beautiful hues, malleable nature, […]