How to explain Bitcoin to your best friend

Bitcoin. It’s that thing that got that annoying guy you met at a dinner party a new Ferrari. Or the thing you heard you can buy penguins with on the internet. Or that thing that everyone was too busy to look into until it got valued at $20,000. Or that thing that you’re not too sure how to buy […]

Here’s why we decided to build the Mode app

We founded Mode with a vision: to build a next-generation banking ecosystem for the decentralised economy — integrating the best attributes of traditional and digital finance. Thus, it has become paramount to us to create an environment where people could not only get easy access to this early form of digital assets — cryptocurrencies — but also […]

We are launching the Mode app

We are excited to announce we have opened the waiting list for our soon-to-be-launched crypto banking mobile app, designed to make cryptocurrencies, and all their untapped financial benefits, accessible to everyone at the touch of a button. With this new product, we aim to bring down barriers and open up the world of cryptocurrencies to […]

Introducing Mode: The platform delivering the financial products of tomorrow

For over a decade, the rise of digital assets has been a source of global fascination. Since the original bitcoin whitepaper was released in 2008, a myriad of crypto-asset projects followed suit. This trend is poised to continue as a growing number of users enter the ecosystem. According to a recent report by the Cambridge Centre […]