Mode selects BitGo as its Bitcoin custody provider

We are proud to officially announce that we have selected BitGo, a global leader in digital asset financial services, as our Bitcoin custody provider to offer a best-in-class storage solution for our users. As part of our quest to make buying and storing Bitcoin — the world’s most popular digital asset — easier than ever, we want to transform […]

Who’s who? How Mode verifies identity

When you download and sign up to a new app, especially a financial app, you may be asked to provide identity information.  Whilst this might seem like a personal request, online businesses who you trust with your money have similar legal requirements as banks and traditional financial institutions — they have to know their customer.  This is […]

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone shares why he loves the Mode app

Biz Stone Mode Banking

As our community will know, we recently launched our mobile Bitcoin banking app for iOS. The Mode app makes Bitcoin – the world’s most popular digital asset which has been compared to ‘digital gold’ – accessible to everyone at the touch of a button. We’ve had great feedback on our app so far, but the […]

Bitcoin: Gold reimagined for the 21st century

Article first published in City AM on January 28th 2020. When Satoshi Nakamoto first described Bitcoin in 2008, there was little way of knowing what a behemoth the asset would become over the following decade. Dominating media headlines with its meteoric price rises and inspiring a slew of copycat coins, Bitcoin has served as both the blueprint […]