Meet our Marketing & Product Analyst – Eivydas Račkauskas

Meet Eivydas Račkauskas, our talented Marketing & Product Analyst. Read about how he got into crypto and what makes him tick.
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How did you get into marketing in the first place?

Back when I was in high school, in 2013, I started a couple of social media pages on Facebook where I was sharing funny viral videos. It was the golden age of Facebook – together with a friend, we were able to amass a significant following and reach millions of people. Later on, we started monetising that attention with e-commerce and mobile games. All of that hands-on experience laid the foundation for my journey in digital marketing.

Did you ever think you would end up working in a company like Mode?

10 years ago – not really. But since I got interested in blockchain 3 years ago, working in a company that would allow me to marry my marketing experience together with my passion for blockchain was one of my goals. I am stoked to have joined Mode in 2019 and it’s been one continuous exciting rollercoaster since.

How did crypto and investment become a passion of yours?

Ever since I was in school, trying to be on top of digital trends has been one of my hobbies. While reading forums and news, Bitcoin was always a topic floating around. Even though I knew about it for quite some time, I didn’t pay much attention at first. Only in the beginning of 2017, when other blockchain projects started popping up, I really started reading up on the whole industry. Back then, investing in stocks for a young person was nowhere as easy as it is now, thus, crypto captivated me as this new alternative to traditional investing. Later on, after reading a bunch of whitepapers and doing a course at Oxford, I realised that cryptocurrencies was just one application of blockchain, whereas the technology itself is much bigger than that, but few truly understand that! I now dig deeper into the subject every day.

What does a day at work with Eivydas look like?

Being part of a relatively lean marketing team means that every day is unique. My main activities include launching, managing and monitoring ad campaigns; working with the product & tech teams to implement and improve our marketing stack or app itself, and reporting on our business performance. My favourite part of the day is working with the design and product teams to come up with kick-ass new features for our Mode app.

What is your favourite Mode feature?

Hands down the Bitcoin Jar, it’s our flagship feature! I use it myself as it offers one of the highest BTC interest rates in the industry. The best part is our ‘live interest’ ticker that shows the BTC interest you are generating in REAL TIME!

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I bought 3 CryptoKitties back in 2017 and I still own them. I know it’s silly and it might not say a lot to many, but these are one of the first ‘collectibles’ on blockchain – so called non-fungible tokens. One of the coolest blockchain applications is that it allows to create unique and indestructible collectibles digitally (imagine baseball or Pokemon cards, but online). I really think that digital collectibles have a huge potential to revolutionise gaming and traditional art. I just wanted to part-take in the beginning of it all, maybe I’ll gift those CryptoKitties to my grandkids in 50 years time.

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